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Friday, May 2, 2014

5 Things Friday! Moving Edition

It's Friday! And that means I'm here to make a list of FIVE things, inspired by whatever I want. At first, I was going to make a list of 5 things cats are trying to tell humans, but then I got carried away and wrote an even better list of cat nonsense earlier this week.

So here I am to bring you 5 Things I Refuse to Pack Until the Day Before the Moving Truck Comes. I've been a super procrastinator with packing because I keep getting this "I'm going to need this" sense. We have only 2 more full weeks to pack before it all gets loaded and on it's way to Texas.

So here's the TOP 5 (because there's way more than that) things I absolutely won't pack before it has to.

Yes, that bag is actually overflowing. And needs a bit of
reorganization. But I'm bad at that. And packing.
  1. My clothes. No seriously, just about all my clothes are staying unpacked. I don't have a lot anyway and the majority of them are work uniforms. I might pack some of the kids clothes though, they have an over abundance of them.
  2. My cookware. I'm going to have to live a week without it anyway, so I'm going to enjoy ALL of it until then.
  3. All personal documents. I really need to have this stuff handy, even if I know I won't actually need it. 
  4. The overstock of hygiene items. I'm not talking my day to day stuff, I'm actually talking about the big utility bag in my bathroom closet that has extra soaps and stuff. What happens if I run out of what I have open. I'm not buying more, no way.
  5. My office supplies. I like my fifty pens and pencils and pretty assortment of rubber bands and binder clips. I probably won't need them, but I WANT them. They're adorable.

Your turn! What are FIVE things on your mind?

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  1. I'm the same with my toiletries! I've moved so many times now that I know how annoying it is!! and cleaning supplies for the house i never pack them because i like to scrub the place once everything is gone! as for the personal documents! I've so many moving that i dont take them till last and i keep them in my hand bag or a back pack until i decide where they'll be kept in the new house!


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