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Monday, May 5, 2014

Mission Possible, Still Failed

Hello all! Today, I had a mission that I've already failed. In case you're curious, here's the mission.
Complete a tutorial and take pictures, write the tutorial, edit the tutorial, and schedule it for tomorrow - all within an hour. 

Here's why I've already failed. Because it's already 11:00. I went to town and back. I have to go to work at 1:00. And I literally won't have any other time to do it. But it finally stopped raining, so there is that. But really, I went into town, intending to get the supplies I needed for this, with a budget for it too, and I didn't even do that right. See, I did a dry run last night, it went fabulously. But there was no real lighting for pictures and I didn't have enough supplies to replicate it. So I had a plan in my head and here's how it went.
  • Get up & take kids to school (daycare.) 
  • Go to the store & get supplies. 
  • Come home & play with supplies (take pictures) 
  • Write. 
  • Dress for Work. 
  • Work.
Here's what actually happened.
  • Got up, early at that. Scrolled through facebook, twice. Fell asleep.
  • Got up again when the big kid did. Congratulated him for not wetting the bed.
  • Laid in bed, scrolled through facebook. 
  • Woke up Miss Scarlet. She wet the bed. Sorry baby, you'll get it next time.
  • Supervised dressing, brushed S's hair, took daily instagram of her outfit.
  • Dropped them off at school.
  • Spent an hour in the bookstore. Buying nothing.
  • Came home. Checked time. Failed. 
Now? I'm going to get myself dressed for work, go back to town 45 minutes early, go to the actual store I need to go to, which isn't the bookstore, and get supplies. Tomorrow, I'll do the work I was supposed to. Somehow, between dropping kids off, meeting with the lady I'm cat-sitting for, and work - I'll do it. I promise. Shame on you facebook for being so addicting. To the bookstore. No shame upon you. Just stop being so sexy.

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