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Friday, June 7, 2013

The Movie Master and the Arrangement

Wednesday night was a night of boredom and relaxation. After work I decided to watch a movie so I had to, of course, consult The Movie Master to request a suggestion of which movie to watch. The Movie Master, aka Mr. Haiku from a previous post, is a movie critic that watches nearly every single movie when it hits theaters. After realizing a movie he hadn't seen but heard some great things about was available to me at a local indie theater, he suggested I see it.

Now, when I ask The Movie Master for a suggestion, I sincerely expect him to give me one that he's seen and enjoyed. I was a little taken aback by this advice. I pondered it briefly before coming back with a sort of arrangement. I watch The Iceman if he allows me to review it for his website. He willingly accepted so that night I ventured into Fleur Cinema for the first time.

Let me tell you, this theater is incredible. Tickets are at or lower than the cost of a standard theater. There's a full coffee bar and a couple beers on tap. The theater room entrances have back lit letters indicating which film is in each one and the lobby is a really hip lounge with super comfortable chairs. The art is fantastic and there's about a million synonomous adjectives I could use. But I'll just show you.

Can I have you? Take you home? Love this installation!

The film was incredible, you can see my full review over at Gorgon Reviews. I would definitely see this again. Considering it's based on a true story it was definitely much more intriquing knowing this really happened.

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