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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Egg: A Poetic Adventure

I wrote this for a guy who likes haiku that told me I should randomly type some words in a word document at work. That's really what happened. So I did, Mr. Haiku, this is poem is for you.

By Shelby Michalek
Broken toilets suck
Effectively can’t be used
For more than sitting

A broken spine hurts
But mostly for you, not me
It’s your spine, not mine!

Broken cups will leak
Don’t put the coffee in one.
Bring me a towel.

Broken phones won’t call
But working phones sometimes don’t.
Push the buttons, geez!

Your computer broke.
I said don’t click that link, duh.
Now you have malware.

Her heart is broken
Because he left her lonely
Empty chatrooms suck.

My car is broken
Well not really, just needs gas
Quik Trip, gas, candy.

This poem is broken
Because I’m out of ideas
Goodnight haiku. Egg.

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