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Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Falling in love isn't easy but it's not hard either. It's all about a leap of faith and trusting in someone else. And when you've been burned and bruised, it's not easy to trust and it's scary to love. So today, in the car, where I do much of my deep thinking, I wrote this poem. I'll call it Confidence.

I have confidence, it’s true.
It’s because of me that I met you.
Saying "hello, you seem awesome, I’m awesome too.
Call me."
My confidence is abundant, I know.
But it doesn’t matter much.
Because underneath that confidence.
I’m just a scared little girl.
I’ve got big dreams
A big heart,
a soul that knows where to go.
And I really don’t know what I’m doing.
I sort of want to hide.
It’s a big world. I’m a small girl.
And you could hurt me.
Love is taking chances
I’ll take a chance with you.
But don’t forget that underneath all this confidence.
I’m just a scared little girl,
Scared of this big bad world.
And I need to know I can trust in you.

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