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Monday, June 17, 2013

So Cold

Just a poem I wrote. One time in that one place.

So Cold
I’m not pulling away from you.
I’m pulling away from me.
I’m retreating inside the darkest place of my soul.
I’m not angry at you,
or angry at me.
I’m angry at the pain that won’t subside.
It’s never going to go away.
Forgetting is never going to work.
Don’t leave me alone, while I’m wading through this hurt.
It isn’t you.
It isn’t me.
It isn’t anybody.
You’ve loved me, don’t leave me.
You’re perfect you know.
It isn’t you that broke me.
It is you that woke me,
The soul that bled and died.
I feel the life.
I feel the tides turning over something new.
It’s beautiful, yet I run.
I run, I retreat, I hide.
I have faith in you, but it’s weak.
I have no faith in me.
Don’t let go.
Hold me tight.
Exorcise the pain.
I want to be yours.
I am yours.
It’s cold here. It’s dark here. You’re the light and the heat.
Hold me please.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Hashtag Swoon

This man is amazing. Incredible. Fabulous. Wonderful. Just really terrific. Wow.

This is a guy that knows how to treat a lady right and can win her heart in, well, a heartbeat. But guess what? I'm not letting him go ;) This perfect man makes me just swoon. All the time. Exhibit A (and you can bet I'll share more!) as follows. Note my margin notes.

And yes, I'm completely aware that this post is mostly pointless but how could I not share?!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Falling in love isn't easy but it's not hard either. It's all about a leap of faith and trusting in someone else. And when you've been burned and bruised, it's not easy to trust and it's scary to love. So today, in the car, where I do much of my deep thinking, I wrote this poem. I'll call it Confidence.

I have confidence, it’s true.
It’s because of me that I met you.
Saying "hello, you seem awesome, I’m awesome too.
Call me."
My confidence is abundant, I know.
But it doesn’t matter much.
Because underneath that confidence.
I’m just a scared little girl.
I’ve got big dreams
A big heart,
a soul that knows where to go.
And I really don’t know what I’m doing.
I sort of want to hide.
It’s a big world. I’m a small girl.
And you could hurt me.
Love is taking chances
I’ll take a chance with you.
But don’t forget that underneath all this confidence.
I’m just a scared little girl,
Scared of this big bad world.
And I need to know I can trust in you.

Friday, June 7, 2013

The Movie Master and the Arrangement

Wednesday night was a night of boredom and relaxation. After work I decided to watch a movie so I had to, of course, consult The Movie Master to request a suggestion of which movie to watch. The Movie Master, aka Mr. Haiku from a previous post, is a movie critic that watches nearly every single movie when it hits theaters. After realizing a movie he hadn't seen but heard some great things about was available to me at a local indie theater, he suggested I see it.

Now, when I ask The Movie Master for a suggestion, I sincerely expect him to give me one that he's seen and enjoyed. I was a little taken aback by this advice. I pondered it briefly before coming back with a sort of arrangement. I watch The Iceman if he allows me to review it for his website. He willingly accepted so that night I ventured into Fleur Cinema for the first time.

Let me tell you, this theater is incredible. Tickets are at or lower than the cost of a standard theater. There's a full coffee bar and a couple beers on tap. The theater room entrances have back lit letters indicating which film is in each one and the lobby is a really hip lounge with super comfortable chairs. The art is fantastic and there's about a million synonomous adjectives I could use. But I'll just show you.

Can I have you? Take you home? Love this installation!

The film was incredible, you can see my full review over at Gorgon Reviews. I would definitely see this again. Considering it's based on a true story it was definitely much more intriquing knowing this really happened.