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Friday, July 11, 2014

Long Drive, Long Week

Hey! So I know I haven't blogged all week, given the last post was on Saturday, but within good reason! You may have seen over on the Facebook page that I was taking a short hiatus, but starting this coming Monday I'll be back at normal speed! The reason for the hiatus? The kids are home! I know I've blogged about this before when the kids spent a week at their dad's, but it deserves so much recognition as it is such an important time for our family. I spend eight grueling weeks every summer waiting to see my kids again after they leave for summer visitation, listening to them via Skype ask me repeatedly when they get to come home, and dealing with the constant realization that I don't get to tuck them into bed that night, or show them this cool activity I just found for them. It wears on Nick too, as for the last eight weeks he's been searching for kid camps and activities, soccer teams, dance classes, etc. that they could participate in.

And when it comes to picking them up, man, this last one was a doozy. It's 900 miles from our home to Omaha, NE. And about 13-16 hours of travel depending on traffic and stopping. So on Monday I spent a lonely 14 hours driving to my friend's house at Offutt AFB and then on Tuesday, after finally getting the kids, 15 potty breaks and four food breaks, we managed to make the 900 mile trek back to Houston. And then have a sleepy Wednesday full of new things to explore and begging me to let them help me around the house, play in the pool, and plant flowers.

We even encountered our first and only (so far) potty accident at home during nap time yesterday, and our first upset tummy (doing fine now) as well as our first "naughty incident" (eating from the fruit bowl after dinner was over, likely because he didn't get enough to eat even though he insisted he was full.)

Life is great, I love that the kids are home and enjoying their new rooms, toys, and clothes. We're going to have such an awesome summer and Abel is more than excited to start school down the street this fall. But for now, we're just keeping cool.

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