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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Life's Lemons Are Sometimes Cars

I hate Nick's car. Let's just get that out of the way. I hate it, with some serious passion. So today, you're getting a personal, everyday life type post from me.

We're in the midst of preparing for a move several states away, just two weeks from now, and yesterday his car decided it didn't feel like working anymore. It's about 12 years old, so I get that it's not perfect, but it's just plain mean for picking now for all the times it could've done this. I mean, it could be worse I guess, he could have gotten the dumb thing all the way to Texas and then been without a car for a week until I got there because it decided to quit when he got there. But still, yesterday was a super stressful day.
It started like a pretty typical day, get the kids to school, run morning errands, go home to get ready for work, write blog stuff, blah blah blah. Then after Nick leaves, he comes back in the house and tells me his car won't start. And it really wouldn't. Forty minutes later I'm picking him up from the place where he the tow truck took him & the car and he's dropping me off at work. Because you know, that's how his last study day before his last final should go.

After getting a work up from the car shop, the cost to fix the car is four times the cost of the resale value of the car if he were to sell it in running condition. That became a big nope. So we worked out the now whats, the whens, wheres, and whys of a new plan for making sure he could be mobile.

So it looks like, for now, we're going to just be a one car family. Nick can use the public transportation in town, since he still lives in Ames and I can pick him up as needed. Then in two weeks when we move, I'll just go down with him (if that ends up working out) to Texas and he'll just use my car over the summer. It's possible. It will work. We just have to live more simply and save up money faster than originally expected for him to get a new car. And I'll just have to find lots and lots to do during the day. And set up the den in the house as my yoga studio. Which I wanted to do anyway.

Bye Bye Junky Meanie Car.

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