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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Kids & Birthday Questions

So, recently we celebrated the third birthday of my daughter and Nick's 25th. My four year old son however, has been anxiously waiting for his 5th birthday. He knows it's a big birthday and he knows he's excited. This quite possibly will be the first birthday party he will actually remember. So I definitely understand the excitement behind their behavior.

However, I'm also greatly annoyed by it. Every day, the kids come home from day care talking about whose birthday it was that day, what that kid got for their birthday, and how long it is until their birthday. I don't have to worry much about Scarlet, she just had her birthday and she knows it's not going to happen again for a very long time. But Abel, man, he knows his is going to be coming soon and he will not stop talking about it.
"How long until my birthday?"
"What are we doing on my birthday?"
"I want a spider-man for my birthday."
"Hey mom, I'm going to be five right? On my birthday."

It has come to a point now that I have implemented a rule that we won't discuss his birthday unless I bring it up or I tell him his birthday is close enough to discuss. I wonder if that was a bit strict but it has worked to avoid the daily questions and keep some mystery in his birthday. How do other parents handle the constant questions about upcoming birthdays?

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